.NET-based Custom UI Component for the Improvement of the MES Software Development Efficiency

Sang-Hyock Park, Koo-Rack Park, Jae-Woong Kim, Dong-Hyun Kim

The high-tech industrial manufacturing sector, including semiconductors, has a very complex process, and the period of applying the new production process and the innovation speed of the applied technology are very fast in order to produce reliable products. In response, it is necessary to build and operate a Manufacturing Execution System for effective and quick management.MES, which is used to produce high quality and reliable products required by customers, requires new construction and additions and changes to existing systems according to changes in the production process, but it takes a lot of time and money to build the system,so companies are working hard to reduce them. In this paper, after analyzing the screens of various existing manufacturing execution systems, we classified UI components that are frequently used on screens and developed and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each. Based on the analysis screen, the UI components that are frequently used are combined and implemented as one Custom UI Component. It is applied to the screen of the Manufacturing Execution System actually in operation to allow developers, system administrators and all users to use.The results of a survey conducted for manufacturing execution system developers and system administrators who actually used Custom UI Component showed that the reuse of UI components and the productivity of system development were higher than when using UI components that compose existing screens.In addition, it is more intuitive and has commonality without being dependent on any particular system, allowing for effective maintenance of the system. In the future, research on improving system construction through customization of other modules in addition to custom UI component for improving the construction of Manufacturing Execution System.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2382-2389