National Nursing Core Competency Standards: Basis for Determining the Level of Competencies of Beginning Nurses in Selected Hospitals in San Jose Del Monte

John S. Flores RN, Jasmin D. Ramos RN and Echel S. Antero

The level of competence of the new nursing personnel of Ospital ng Lungsod ng San Jose Del Monte is an important factor in measuring the quality of care a new nurse can provide. A new nurse, when given proper training, can be competent enough to face the challenges of the profession. This study adapted Patricia Benner’s levels of skill acquisition of nursing personnel: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert. The researcher determined the current profile of the new nurses hired in OLSJDM, evaluation of the head nurses and new nurses in terms of the eleven core competencies (11), and the significant difference between the head nurses’ evaluation and new staff nurses’ self-rating on the level of competence of new nurses in OLSJDM. A standard competency-based evaluation tool formulated by the CHED in the CMO was used to determine the level of competency of the new nursing personnel. The Descriptive method was used to summarize the results, and test for the difference of means was used to determine if there is significant difference in the head nurses’ rating and new nurses self-rating in terms of their level of competency. There were two respondent groups; the new nurses who were recently hired and head nurses or superiors of the new nurses. The new nurses rated themselves according to their perception of their own performance and the head nurses were asked to evaluate the new nurses using the same competency evaluation tool. Initially, the researcher targeted 30 new staff nurse respondents but only 24 complied to answer the questionnaires provided by the researchers. There were 7 respondents who were the head nurses of the new nursing personnel. The 7 head nurses were asked to evaluate the new nurses under their supervision according to their level of competence by using the tool. Findings show that the mean age fell at 23 years old. Most of the nurses were female (54.17% of the total sample). Most of the respondents are single (95.83%) and college students without MA units and most are without previous experience. As to the level of skill acquisition, most of the new nurses perceived that they are proficient compared to the head nurses’ perception which is only under the competent level. The outcome of the study was based on the respondent’s profile and the researchers deem to ascertain the level of competence in holistic means.

Volume 11 | 10-Special Issue

Pages: 690-700

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP10/20192859