Discretized Point Cheval–Stern Cryptosystem based Data Auditing for Secured Cloud Storage

P. Jayasree and Dr.V. Saravanan

Cloud offers online storage services to the users for storing their data in a server where the computing resources shared across the internet for providing privacy to the user data. Cloud computing provides many advantages but the major risk to provide security towards the user’s data because the cloud infrastructures prone to various threats. In order to achieve the secured cloud storage and high data integrity, a Discretized Point cheval–Stern Signature based Dynamic Data Auditing (DPSS-DDA) Mechanism is introduced. Discretized Point cheval–Stern Signature Algorithm is introduced in DPSS-DDA mechanism for providing the data auditing on cloud storage. Discretized Point cheval–Stern Signature Algorithm has three phases, namely key generation, signature generation and signature verification. Initially, the cloud user registers their details to the cloud server. In the key generation phase, the cloud server generates the public and private for every registered cloud user. Then the cloud user encrypts the original data with their private key and sent to the cloud server (CS) for secure data storage. After that, the cloud user generates the signature with the hash function for the encrypted data in the signature generation phase. Whenever the cloud user needs to audit the stored data, the generated signature and audit request is sent to the trusted third party. When the third party receives the audit request from the cloud user, TPA sends the request to the cloud server for sending the encrypted data. Then the third party again generates the signature for the encrypted data. In the verification phase, the newly generated signature is verified with existing cloud user signature. Finally, the auditing report is sent back to the cloud user. By this way, the data auditing is performed and achieves higher data integrity with minimum time. Experimental evaluation is carried out with certain parameters such as space complexity, data integrity rate and auditing time based on a number of cloud user data. The experimental results reported that the proposed DPSS-DDA Mechanism obtains higher data integrity rate with minimum auditing time, as well as space complexity than the state -of -the -art methods.

Volume 11 | 10-Special Issue

Pages: 513-523

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP10/20192838