Low Cost Antenna Design for The Application ofOver The Horizon Surface Wave Radar

Zulfajri Basri Hasanuddin, Wardi, GunawanTari

The need for surveillance and security in Indonesian water region which can monitor distance object can be done by using radio wave. Maritime radar over the horizon (OTH) surface wave is able to detect the existence of foreign vessels in Indonesian waters. Based on this, the study aimed to design a low cost antenna namely Yagi-Uda linear array antenna at 15 MHz frequency at frequency range 6 – 24 MHz for the application of over the horizon radar.Yagi-Uda antenna is superior in the spread of wave suitable to OTH Radar characteristic over the sea surface and big gain. Yagi-Uda antenna develops rapidly in communication system makes it applied in many modern communication devices nowadays. This antenna was designed and simulated using Simulator Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) version 13. The simulation result of the antenna design after doing optimizationwas return loss (S11) = -29,62 dB, VSWR = 1.068 and gain = 2,413 dBm.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 554-561