Whiteboard Animation for Android Design Using Think Talk Write Model to Improve the Post Graduates Students’ Concepts Understanding

Muhdi,Achmad Buchori,Arif Wibisono

As the development of Science and Technology also influence the development of learning media. Media learning is one of the determinants of student learning success. Utilization of android technology so far is not only used as a means of communication, or just entertainment but now can be developed for learning media. This research aims to develop whiteboard animationwith Think Talk Write model to improve understanding of post graduates students concept about Educational Policy Courses. The research method used is Research and Development and the type of research used is ADDIE. (1) Analyze, student needs analysis shows students need learning media. (2) Design, the products produced in this study media whiteboard animation. (3) Development, media developed then validated by 84% media experts, 82% material experts, and 85% design learning experts so it is said to be valid. (4) Implementation, post graduates student responses achievement rate 89% are in the practical category. (5) Evaluation, the data in this study consists of preliminary data in the form of values obtained through pretest and final data in the form of values obtained through posttest. The result of the second posttest of the class is tested equality of two averages (right-t test) obtained α = 0.05 obtained t_table = 1.669 and t_count = 3.251 because Since t_count>t_table then H0 rejected and H1 accepted, so it can be concluded learning using whiteboard animationwith Think Talk Write model to improve concept understanding is said to be valid, practical, and effective than the conventional learning model

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 535-543