An Efficient Life Saver System For Detecting Driver Drowsiness

Venubabu Rachapudi, PenmatsaBindu, ManjariKakarla, BogalaNaveena

Life is crucial as well as it is at full of risks. Safety precautions need to be taken before occurring any kind of mishap penning occurs. Road accidents are one of the major life threating for drivers now a days which intern impact the survival of their family. In driving, each and every second is important. Single mistake can cause lifetime regret. In fact, more than half of the accidents occurs due to the carelessness and inactiveness of the driver. Especially accidents lead by car are due to the fatigueless. Using machine vision based concepts drowsiness detection system has been developed, where the proposed system uses small camera which directly points to the face of the driver and monitor’s the eyes and mouth of a driverfor detection. When incase of detection of fatigue, a warning message as well as an alarm alerts the driver to wake the driver up and helps driver to enhance the drowsy state. The proposed detects the user’s face, identifies eye ratio and mouth ratio. The image that is derived will be simulated to identify face edges. If eyes are closed for five consecutive images that is captured from input, it alerts with the alarm.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 527-534