Deliver an accurate image on the Digital Certificate and Digital Signature using RSA and SHA

S Shivaprasad ,M Sadanandam ,Meka Sowjanya, Sri Vijaya Kondapalli

In this paper primary objective is to convey an exact image on the ideas of Digital Certificate and Digital Signature, by showing the hypothesis and applications of two of the fundamental public-key cryptosystems used nowadays, namely the RSA and the SHA. Here three software applications have been designed, one for creating a self signed certificate, that useful for certifying authority for issuing the Digital Certificate to user, second one is generation of X.509 Digital Certificate by taking the request from the user and sign the request by using Certifying Authority private key (Root Certificate private key), and last one is the creation of Digital Signature and verifying it. All modules have been implemented in java.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 501-514