The Response of Bullying Victims Among Javanese Student

Chr. Argo Widiharto,Dewi Retno Suminar,Wiwin Hendriani

Bullying victims are children with no strength againsttheir friendsand are seen to be different from them. Bullying victims have psychosocial problems and will become victims of bullying until they reach adulthood. The response of bullying victims is also influenced by psychosocial factors, namely values and environment influence. Yogyakarta, with its Javanese culture, influences the way bullying victims respond to bullying behavior. Our study aims to determine the experience of Javanese ethnic students in responding to bullying behavior. The participants were 5th grade elementary school students that comes from a Javanese background and were victims of bullying. The research method uses a qualitative phenomenological approach. Javanese bullying victims nonchalantly respond to bullying, namely by staying quiet, remaining calm, not putting any attention to the bullying they experienced and leaving the bullying perpetrators behind.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 441-445