Tobelo People Cultural Values As A Foundation For Indigenous Counseling Construction

Jerizal Petrus,Mungin E. Wibowo,J.T. Lobby Loekmono,Mulawarman Mulawarman

The implementation of theories adopted from the monocultural context and culture of Western should be adjusted to Indonesia context. Similarly, counseling theories should also be examined critically on its implementation in the context of Indonesia. This adjustment is called as indigenousin counseling psychology. In addition, western theories adjustment in other cultural contexts is done because of two major reasons, namely external validity and ecological perspectives. According to these two reasons, indigenous counseling is important to be investigated for its strong scientific foundation. An example of indigenous counseling in Indonesia appeared in a study with the topic of Ki AgengSuryomateraman’s ideas in kawruhjiwa(self-understanding). The relevance of Ki Ageng Suryometaram’s ideas in counseling is reflected in his views on human, counseling objectives, counseling processes, counselors’ roles, and counselees’ experiences. The method used in this study was qualitative with ethnography design. Meanwhile, the subjects involved were 7 people who had Tobelo cultural background. The selected subjects were those who had comprehensive competencies in providing data and information about Tobelo culture. Also, the 7 subjects averagely had experiences and happened to conduct studies regarding either Halmahera culture in general or Tobelo culture in particular. In addition, the data collection techniques and instruments were done through observation, interviews, and document study. The collected data were analyzed by using in depth hermeneutic emic and ethic. The aim of these analyses was to reveal meanings existed in the study objects in form of human living phenomena through understanding and interpretation. Based on the analysis, it was known that the cultural values of Tobelo people could be a fundamental basis for indigenous counseling development. The values covered the perspectives on human, kinship system, beliefs system, rituals, stories, music, and songs. The discovered values live, develop, and are believed by Tobelo people. Further, the researchers called them as cultural-beliefs. At last, the discovered values can be a foundation for constructing counseling approaches, counseling techniques, and counselors’ personality development.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 419-434