Smart Rescue System from Bore Well

Dr. Prakash Bethapudi and Gandhi Netaji

India is the fast emergent country, where majority of the people depend and use natural resources like water, petrol, gas that is available inside earth‟s surface. Most of the people are prone to accidents in diverse ways while annoying to use these resources. The accidents occurred by open bore well and the expenses to rescue these accidents are being escalating day by day. Particularly kids are losing their lives not only while playing but also in diverse ways due to the open bore-well which are going unnoticed. The proposed system is developed in order to rescue children and other small creatures from bore well. This consists of a sensor kept at top of bore-well. Once it identifies anyone falling into the bore well, it would provide an alarm along with information in the form of massage to the concerned team and the neighboring society like police station, fire station president and bore owner with continuous alerts. Also the key feature about this system is, if it sense the child or anything falling into it then automatically the child or object inside the well is pulled up with the help of carrier which is mounted inside at 5 feet distance. The automatic action is carried out with the help of DC motor. In order to avoid injuries to the kid, soft sponge material is mounted on the surface and also inside the carrier. A bulb is placed inside the carrier so that the child will be in light until he is automatically pulled up in no time. Few soft toys will be placed inside the carrier so see that the child forgets that he was in danger. Kids are the future builders of the nation; hence accidents faced by them should be immediately handled to save their lives.

Volume 11 | 10-Special Issue

Pages: 288-296

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP10/20192804