An Analysis of Trust and User Privacy by Using Password-based Authentication Scheme

Mohd Izuan Mohd Saad, Kamarularifin Abd Jali and Mazani Manaf

Privacy-preserving security control in cloud becomes crucial to ensure the continuity of operation among the party involved. The large scale and dynamic structure in cloud lead to the complexity of organizingdan control security element. Trustworthy framework withstrong cloud data protection method need to be prepared to measure and prevent from any vulnerability by intuders.Providing trust and privacy for users through authentication scheme is one of the data protection methods that can be applied in cloud computing. This paper presents an anonymous authentication scheme to preserve user privacy to provide trusted environment of the system. This paper also describes trust and privacy by introducing password-based key exchange method to enhance the security level during authentication process. Discussion is also put forth on security analysis and possible attack which can occur during the identification process. This research is significant to preserve user privacy and enhance the trust framework in cloud environment.

Volume 11 | Issue 1

Pages: 204-212