The Use Of Ict In Islamic Education (Pai) Learning At School: A Case Study On Integrated Islamic High School (Sma-It) Ummul Quro Bogor

Farida Hanun

This study aims to obtain a description related to the learning of PAI by using ICT and how the impact of the use of ICT on PAI learning systems in the classroom. The research method uses a qualitative approach in the integrated Islamic high school Ummul Quro Bogor, West Java. The results showed that a) there were four stages of using ICT in the learning process, namely; emerging, applying, integrating dan transforming. PAI teachers are already at the integrating stage. In other words, ICT has been integrated into the PAI learning curriculum. b) supporting factors for the use of ICT are the existence of ICT support facilities, the availability of qualified educators, the commitment of the school to implement ICT in every PAI learning. c) Inhibiting factors in the use of ICT are aspects of financing ICT facilities require a large budget. Some elderly teachers have difficulty using ICT in the learning process. Besides, the internet network is unstable. d) The impact of the use of ICT is very significant on PAI learning process. e) the existence of ICT devices not only as a support but already as an important component in the education system. The research led to the recommendation of the need for government support in the form of concern for ICT in terms of policies, facilities, workforce, budget, and organizing training in the use of ICT for PAI teachers to improve their professionalism. Therefore, further research is suggested regarding the effectiveness of the use of ICT in the learning process of PAI.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 396-402