How foreign speakers implement their strategies to listen Indonesian language?

Memet Sudaryanto,DjemariMardapi,SamsulHadi

This study aims to describe the ability of foreign speakers, especially the listening skill/ability. To achieve this objective, we need an appropriate instrument to describe the test takers’ abilities well. The employed development model was a modification of the Borg and Gall’s and the development of standardized test. The validity was tested through a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) with P-value = 0.185 and the Aiken's validity of each item met the Aiken’s table threshold. The reliability of the test was estimated by Cronbach's alpha with alpha value= 0.70, while the construct reliability, omega, and maximum utility were fulfilled of more than 0.7.The study fulfilled the assumption of the IRT; unidimensionality, local independence, and parameter of invariance. Using Rasch Model to analyze the test items, this study resulted in the difficulty indices of listening test items ranging from -2.29 to 3.64. The results of the competency assessment indicated that 28% of the learners are at basic level, 39% at intermediate level, and 33% at advanced level. The percentage of test-takers' ability (foreign speakers) indicates that the test-takers possess low ability in responding to the rules (structure).

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 355-361