Automation of Computer Technology Analysis

ShamilAktasovitch Khamadeev, LenarAjratovich Galiullin

Automated systems are an integral part of any business and production. Almost all management and technological processes to one degree or another use computer facilities. Just one computer can significantly increase the efficiency of enterprise management, while not creating additional problems. Today personal computers are installed at every workplace and, as a rule, no one already doubts their necessity. Significant amounts of computer equipment and their special role in the functioning of any enterprise pose a number of new challenges for management. Automation will allow us to trace the movement of computer technology, will also allow us to several times speed up the work of specialists, not only office work, but also the whole. Accounting for computer technology is to diagnose, collect and store information about the characteristics of computers and peripheral equipment. Diagnostics is carried out by an auditor program that runs on the user's computer and plays the role of a personal electronic agent using computer technology. The launch of the auditor-agent on the user's machines must be provided by the administrators of the enterprise information system. Depending on its configuration, the auditor-agent can be constantly launched on the user's machine, or unloaded after the audit.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1767-1770