Of Software for Dispatch Management Systems

Rustam Asgatovich Valiev, Shafik Shaehovich Khuzyatov, Lenar Ajratovich Galiullin

The method of automated configuration of WinCC project objects for the development of supervisory control system software in the case of a large number of similar sensors and actuators is proposed. The method is based on template projects with predefined structure and functionality of the software.The system implemented on the basis of the proposed method automatically configures the static and dynamic properties of the process screen objects, creates event handlers for graphic objects,as well asdetermines archive tags and conditions for the appearance of emergency messages.The use of independent input tables for configuration allows group formation and editing of all properties of project objects.The automated configuration system exempts the developer from performing routine, single-type work, and significantly reduces the development and implementation time of the software, which ultimately reduces the cost of the project. This system is used for configuration of projects of automated control systems of oil production processes. The universal nature of the proposed method makes it possible to implement it also in other industries, where the same type of sensors and actuators are widely used.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1762-1766