Algorithm of clusters organization for internal combustion engine parts manufacturing

ShafikShaehovich Khuzyatov, LenarAjratovich Galiullin

The developed methodology and the algorithm for transforming the source data for the selection system suggests that for the formation of the Equipment clusters we are asked by five attributes that uniquely determine the equipment. As a result of dividing all quantitative attributes into numerical intervals and taking into account two qualitative attributes (technical specialization of equipment and constructive type of machine), we obtained groups of similar objects - clusters “Equipment”. Six clusters were identified from this set of equipment. Dedicated clusters contain 3-4 equipment. These equipment are interchangeable and can be considered as one production unit. After this breakdown of the qualitative attribute (stamp material), the stamps must be made into the cluster, which are made of either high-grade steels, or of medium-grade steels, or of lower-grade steels, but also the stamps that fall into the cluster must be similar and with the three remaining qualitative, quantitative characteristics . When forming the “Procurement” clusters, the methodology for transforming the source data assumes that it is necessary to set three features that uniquely determine the type of procurement.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1758-1761