The Overall Equipment Effectiveness in the Organization of a Lean Manufacturing Flow

Elvira Distantovna Khisamova, Irina Arkadevna Kodolova, Kucherbaeva Aliya Airatovna

The spatio-temporal production process is considered and the necessity of its organization on the basis of lean technology is justified. The role of the basic tool for organizing a lean production flow - Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) - is noted and the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) used in continuous production has been calculated. It was found that the system of general maintenance and repair of equipment is a key tool to improve the efficiency of the organization of production processes in continuous sequential production. From our point of view, the production process is a set of interrelated main, auxiliary and servicing processes of using labor, material and financial resources per unit of time per unit of raw materials, materials, semi-finished products for the purpose of releasing the required quantity of products of the required quality with established using interrelated methods and methods of rational combination of living labor with the means of production, taking into account the minimization of production risks.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1737-1742