A Secured software Architecture for providing Data Security in Cloud

K.Venkatraman, Dr.K.Geetha, Dr.C.Rajan, Dr.S.Kalaivani

This paper aims at providing security and preserving the privacy of the patient information while it is being transferred from one location to another. This paper also implements fine grained access privileges to patient information. We consider first-order linear temporal logic (LTL) techniques for user creation and setting user privileges. It is an appropriate formalism for specifying RBAC policies because as often, one must cope with dynamic policies. The patient information is encrypted by using Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithms. The 56 bit key size of DES ensures that the chances of the intruder identifying the key are difficult. The series of internal transformations is the strength of this algorithm. The proposed method to apply the Probabilistic Packet Marking algorithm is used to calculate the checksum value. The approach to IP trace back is based on the probabilistic packet marking paradigm. The IP trace back technique is used to verify the checksum value to trace the attacking IP address and preserve the privacy of patient information.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1677-1685