Improved Aggregation Using Bees Colony Optimization Routing In Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Ashwinth Janarthanan, Dhananjay Kumar

Multimedia data transmission has a difficult routing process due to limited network resources, poor multimedia operations and dynamic network conditional changes. Hence, in order to eliminate the limited network resources, complex multimedia operations and dynamic network conditions, the proposed method uses a routing framework based on Bees Colony Optimization called Improved Aggregation by Bee Colony Optimized Routing (IBCOR), which offers improved network traffic routing in WMSN scenario to improve the energy efficiency. The proposed I-BCOR method is validated against existing methods over different set of network settings. The result shows that the proposed I-BCOR method achieves reduced localization error of 0.21m than the existing method.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1644-1651