Weight Matrix-Based Representation of Sub-Optimum Disturbance Cancellation Filters For Passive Radars

*VenuDunde, Koteswara Rao NV

the disturbance cancellation techniques are investigated in this paper for Passive Bistatic Radars. The conventional procedure is to compute a clean signal by iteratively constructing an error vector from the residual of the surveillance samples after subtraction of a linear combination of clutters samples. A weight vector is eventually extracted in pure block algorithms, while a weight matrix is computed in iterative schemes. It is illustrated in this paper that the computed weight matrix in the latter case contains valuable information describing the clutters properties. The weight matrix-based disturbance attenuation technique is then innovated and its effectiveness is compared to the conventional error-based procedure in the test bed of several available iterative algorithms. Moreover, a revision of the FBLMS algorithm is presented to cover the case of complex input signals.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 2333-2345