Survey based on Clustering Techniques for Healthcare System

N. Sarika and Dr.V. Viji Vinod

The large amount of data produced from the health care industries have controlled the complex data associated to patients with their medical environment. However, the major challenging tasks in medical data is about storing and retrieval analysis whereas each medical data implies hidden sort of knowledge to support the healthcare entities such as physicians, technicians, staffs and non-technicians. In various research fields, recognition of data mining has acquired because of its enormous methodologies and applications for mining the data in a right manner. Data mining techniques have the capabilities to discover hidden patterns or relationships among the objects in the medical data.In this few years, there are enormous beneficial due to data mining techniques regarding medical data for resolving beneficial pattern and trends which utilized in both decision making and analysis. This research proposal addresses the predictive data analytics using clustering techniques based on the analysis of novel clustering mechanism for efficiently storing the medical data in terms of clustering accuracy and clustering time.

Volume 11 | 09-Special Issue

Pages: 978-981

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11/20192659