An Impact of Advertisement on Buying Behaviours of the Consumers: An Empirical Study on Retail Cosmetic Products

Dr.D. Rakesh, Dr.Y.M. Gireesh, Satish D Raikar and G. Muhammed Muntaqheem

Advertisements have been used for many years to stimulus the buying activities of the consumers. Advertisements are accommodating in crafting the cognizance and discernment amid the customers of retail cosmetic products; both of these variables are mortal grouping to stimulus the buying performances of the consumers. This particular research was steered on the 70 young male or female who use different brands of cosmetics to check the guidance of advertisement on their buying behaviour while crafting the responsiveness and building the discernments. Correlation and regression analysis were used to identify the rapport between these variables. The results discovered provide the new way to executives to formulate seemly stratagem for the marketing of retail cosmetic products. These results show that billboards are very useful in building the cognizance among the people but they are failed to physique strong discernments in the concentration of consumers. Both of these variables such as consumer cognizance and consumer discernments will stimulate the shopper to buy a certain product, as there is a constructive liaison present in between them.

Volume 11 | 09-Special Issue

Pages: 955-964

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11/20192656