Impact of Mobile Banking in Online Payments on Customers in Chennai

N. Jannifer Rani, S. Bina Pani and N.S. Nimisha

Financial tractions made through online with the help of mobile phone is called mobile payment. The mobile payment system increasingly popular now a day’s due to the rapid use of internet and mobile based shopping and Banking. Today many users make payments by mobile phone, instead of using other methods lot of mobile applications are developed in recent times. The mobile banking is mostly every ware to use in every our life. Online shopping fully based on the mobile banking. It’s fully on safety and secure in each and every payment and transaction. This mobile banking to add bank account at the same time to maintain the account statement in any time. The main thing which is focused in this paper is to find out the reason for the using mobile banking and finding out the impact of mobile banking. To find out the results of the above mentioned objectives, ANOVA and Chi-square test.

Volume 11 | 09-Special Issue

Pages: 106-111

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11/20192543