Institutional Study of Ecotourism Industry in Luisiana, Laguna, Philippines: Linking Institutions to Natural Resource Conservation

Delos Reyes, Patrice Xandria Mari A, Anastacio, Nico Jayson C, Ercilla, Pancho E and Tatil, Wella

This study aims to understand the institutional landscape of the ecotourism industry in the municipality of Luisiana, Laguna. Specifically, it aims to: 1) identify the underlying issues and concerns regarding the ecotourism activity and the conservation of natural resources and 2) assess the dynamics among the different institutional actors relevant to the local ecotourism industry. Data were gathered through key informant interview and focus group discussion from the various local government officials and head of the local tour guide groups. The decrease in the number of tourists was attributed to some of the issues faced by the communities such as boundary issues, no permanent location for the registration area and limited number of activities in the areas. Meanwhile, the different local governing entities as well as the people's organizations tour guide, local landowners and tourists are the various key institutional actors identified in the study. Their synergistic interactions create opportunities for the further development of the local ecotourism industry. Therefore, it is crucial that the programs and policies implemented by these different governing entities should be designed based on the context-specific needs and priorities, in order to solve local issues and challenges that are confronting the ecotourism industry.

Volume 11 | 09-Special Issue

Pages: 93-99

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11/20192541