A Study on Jio Mobile Net Customers to Gain Consumer Insights, Grow Usage and Revenue

Dr.A. Kadhar Lal

The ubiquitous nature of mobile phones has created a massive opportunity for mobile net businesses. Mobile net adoption has continued to grow worldwide at an impressive rate. The Internet demonstrated the ability of businesses to scale rapidly. The mobile ecosystem is demonstrating that it can improve the reach of Internet by a few multiples. The growth of social media and the ability of mobile devices to add location to the product mix are providing opportunities for businesses to fundamentally alter the way users engage socially or the manner in which they purchase goods and services. These studies entitled “A Study on Jio Mobile net Customers to Gain Consumer Insights, Grow Usage and Revenue” the attempt understand the key factors for the non usage of mobile net services at Jio telecommunication. The primary data are collected by using questionnaire through closed sample method. Secondary data has been collected from various books and journals. Various tools and techniques like simple percentage, correlation, T-test, F-test; Anova has been used in this study. This study attempts to identify the results on the interplay of the above factors on each other and to identify the chief trends and provide various findings and suggestions to increase the usage of mobile net services among the customers thereby increasing the revenue of the company.

Volume 11 | 09-Special Issue

Pages: 33-38

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11/20192532