Optimization Energy based Mobility Routing for Dynamic Data Transmission in Wireless Ad hoc Networks

Krishnaiah Boyana, Dr. Venkateswara Rao Gurrala and Dr.G.V. Swamy

In present days Mobile ad hoc networks are increased in multi-hop communication between different nodes while they are in data transmission. Wireless mobile ad hoc networks mainly depend on routing relates packet transmission. Because of self-configurable nature of ad hoc networks, routing is the calculation which describes adaptive communication between mobile nodes to share preferable connections. There are disparate types of routing algorithms were received conventionally to process pragmatic data between nodes in wireless networks. But generally told these algorithms are not brought to routing when congestion occurs while nodes in mobility with respect to dynamic data transmission. So that Propose and introduce Optimized Mobility and Energy based Routing (OMER) approach for congestion control and traffic management and energy optimization for wireless networks. This approach is backbone for networks with respect to internet protocol (IP) carrier deployment which defines real world to be feasible from network management and operations. We analyze traffic data from network, if traffic increases throughput significantly increases with respect to dynamic data transmission. We extend this approach to support dynamic topology maintenance and traffic management. Simulation results of proposed approach deploy efficient data communication and dynamic routing with respect to throughput, packet delivery ratio etc.

Volume 11 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 2002-2009