A Hybrid Secure Mechanism for Effective Storage Confidentiality to Ensure Data Integrity and Privacy in Public Cloud

D YAKOBU,M Shanmugam

Cloud computing has been emerging technology in IT industry. Cloud is a place where one can access the computational resources through online and billing process is on pay-per-use basis, reducing the infrastructure as well as management cost. Cloud users can access all the resources with no upfront investments which help to manage their applications. Cloud computing has got the primary features like pay-as-you-go, scalability, flexibility and elasticity. Apart from these beneficial features it has come up with a considerable issue called security threats. As there is huge number of users, it is necessary to provision the resources to legitimate users securely. The main security threats in cloud are provisioning of information security, network security. Information security is providing security to the data in cloud where data may either owned by the cloud service provider or the consumer. Although there are approaches proposed by cloud researchers that were implemented using the cryptographic algorithms for information security, they are inadequate while addressing the attacks like, privacy, integrity and processing overheads etc. This paper is aimed at proposing a hybrid secure mechanism (HSM) for providing feasible security by addressing integrity and privacy of the data stored in cloud.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 330-339