A Framework for Secure Cloud Data Provenance in Healthcare Applications

D Radha Rani, N Uttej Kumar, Anusha Viswanadapalli, Maridu Bhargavi

Cloud systems being flexible and scalable allows huge number of users to adopt cloud services which in turn making cloud systems more vulnerable to attacks. Secure cloud data provenance can overcome security issues when an attack incident is reported. It allows identifying the intruder by knowing the history of data. Existing provenance systems did not address whether they are adaptable to cloud or not and how securely provenance data is stored and reveled. The paper focuses on challenges involved in developing a framework for secure cloud data provenance and proposes a framework which focuses on addressing these issues. Provenance has broad range of applications. This paper proposes a framework to collect and maintain secure cloud provenance in healthcare applications by implementing a provenance enabled cloud with an entity to collect cloud provenance. This paper also proposed an algorithm to create secure provenance record and allows the verification user requesting cloud provenance data.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 325-329