The Influence of Props-Assisted Inquiry Learning to Improve Generic Science Skills of SMA N 11 Semarang Students

N. Khoiri, A. Rusilowati, Wiyanto, Sulhadi

This research intends to reveal the effect of props-assisted inquiry learning in enhancing generic science skills of XI MIPA students at SMAN 11 Semarang. It is a quasi-experimental design with two variables: props-assisted inquiry learning as an independent variable and students' generic science skills as a dependent variable. The population was all XI MIPA students at SMAN 11 Semarang. The sample was 35 students of XI MIPA 6 as an experimental class and 35 students of XI MIPA 7 as a control class. The research instrument was observation sheets adjusted to nine indicators of students' generic science skills. Data were collected through observation during the practicum/experimental activities. An analysis of the students' generic science skills obtained an average of 3.639 for the experimental class and 3.417 for the control class. The statistical analysis showed that tcount 3.47 > ttable 1.88 with a significance level of α = 0.05 so that the H0 was rejected and Ha was accepted. The significant difference between the experimental and control group marked the positive influence of props-assisted inquiry learning in improving students' generic science skills.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 321-324