Educational values of social study On betawi art of lenong

Suswandari , Lukman Nadjamuddin

Betawi is an ethnic group native to Jakarta, descended from various ethnic groups in Batavia during Dutch colonial times. Lenong Betawi is a traditional theatre art presented in a Betawi dialect, accompanied by gambang kromong music, bringing the plays of daily life filled with life values and morals, which can be used as an innovative and creative teaching resource for Social Study in elementary schools. This study used a critical qualitative method with snowball technique for data processing. The findings of this study confirm that Social Study education (PIPS), as one of the compulsory subjects in the Indonesian curriculum, has the primary task of distributing, developing and strengthening the moral values of life in the effort to prepare good, responsible and citizens with a strong identify who have great love for their homeland. Characters in Lenong Betawi performances can be used as learning resources in the development and reinforcement of moral values through Social Study learning in elementary school in DKI Jakarta area. The integration of the social values revealed in the Lenong Betawi art show form part of the teacher's effort to teach Social Study that is in line with the real challenges of life. This study has implications for teachers’ practice to be able to utilise local art as a source of learning in a positive way.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1621-1631