Fog enabled secure and privacy obfuscation for Iot services

D. Chandramohan, A. Manimaran, Ramachandra Reddy, Diwakar Tripathi

Fog enabled IoT services halves association with the data stream dispensation environment, in which rivulet fabricates numerous data in real time and tributary gathers these data. Data encryption and its standard right of ingress be in command of sculpt. Role based access controls have been used to secure data stream processing. Classification construction of murkiness calculates and enables the system users. It might have some delicate contrivance such as a laptop or a smart phone to contact the fog computing system and request the execution of a certain service. Cloud of Things (CoT) is a contemporary service with the endurance of critical technological development. There is a need to focus in framing global standards for cloud service migration, interoperability etc.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1604-1610