Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Effect of Radius of Curvature on Frequency Response of Open Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Different Boundary Conditions

Anilkumar A,Rammohan Y S,B S Suresh,

Study on dynamic behavior of the cylindrical shells is considered as an important issue, because cylindrical shells find its applications in majority of engineering fields such as naval ships, missiles, automotive structures, airplanes, bridges, etc. Cylindrical shells accounts for vibrations and noises generated in the structure that will have a direct impact on functionality and hence leading to its failure. In the present article principles of finite element method was used to study the frequency response of aluminum and galvanized steel shell structures of different radii of curvature subjected to varied boundary conditions and was validated experimentally. The influence of radius of curvature and boundary conditions on the natural frequency of the structure was investigated. It was noted that natural frequencies reduce with every 500mm increments in radius of curvature ranging from 1000mm to 2000mm and the open cylindrical shell under all side clamped boundary conditions (CCCC) shows higher values of natural frequencies.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1592-1603