Android Malware Inspection: Based On memory Forensics

V.R. Niveditha, T.V. Ananthan, D. Usha, K. Amandeep Singh, A. Pooja, M.F. Zeenath Fathima Majeed, S. Srinidhi

In decade years, the researchers have done several researches in live forensics solution for confirming this as an essential and powerful. There are some new challenges and issues in rise of mobile platforms have created for the researchers. The implementation of the traditional PC environment has generally used technologies as the limitations due to the mobile operation system by lack of wider control. In this research work, memory forensics approach has been presented as a new malware analysis results for the android platform. This android system needs an alteration to utilize memory examination and also view the solution with implementation. This paper focuses an acquired memory image from the analysis steps based on the data collection whereas these methods of android applications have behaviour analysis evaluation android malwares by analyzing the influence of this approach.It illustrates an evaluationof the malware family samples in order to determine its efficiency and better organization stability.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1586-1591