A Qualitative Comparison of Various Routing Protocols in WSN

Dr.S. Thiru Nirai Senthil and S. Kannan

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of a large number of small nodes with the capabilities of sensing various types of physical and environmental conditions, data processing, and wireless communication. In Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) the sensor nodes collects the data from its surrounding and transmit the gathered data to a particular user, the transmission of gathered data by sensor nodes depends on the application that is used. The nodes have limited processing power, limited transmission range and storage capabilities as well as limited energy capabilities. In this paper we discuss the routing protocols of wireless sensor network and also discuss the classification and comparison of routing protocols. The architecture of routing protocols categories in three main category Hierarchical, Location-Based and data centric protocols according to some important factors and will summarize in the way these protocols operates. Finally, we will provide a comparative study on these various protocols.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 286-293