Secured Data Transition System

S. Surya

The use of multiple Server providers for gaining security and privacy benefits is nontrivial. As the approaches investigated in this paper clearly show, there is no single optimal approach to foster both security and legal compliance in an Omni applicable manner. Moreover, the approaches that are favorable from a technical perspective appear less appealing from a regulatory point of view, and vice versa. The few approaches that score sufficiently in both these dimensions lack versatility and ease of use, hence can be used in very rare circumstances only. As can be seen from the discussions of the four major multi Server approaches, each of them has its pitfalls and weak spots, either in terms of security guarantees, in terms of compliance to legal obligations, or in terms of feasibility. Given that every type of multi-Server approach falls into one of these four categories, this implies a state of the art that is somewhat dissatisfying.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 648-651