Personnel Selection using Fuzzy Logic

Wardatul Husna ‘Alimin Ismadi,Nooraini Yusoff

Human Resource Management (HRM) in a company is a department liable for managing resources related to employees. For most organization, agencies or businesses, HRM team is responsible to recruit, evaluate and hire new employees for the organization. It is a complex task for HRM to make the decision to select new employees for the company as most of the times it requires making inexplicit and subjective judgement. Hence thus, in this study, one possible approach to deal with the uncertain decision making, we propose to integrate fuzzy logic (FL) in the selection process. The FL approach has been used widely in various fields. The emergence of fuzzy logic is due to the curiosity to explore the degree of uncertainty or the degree of truth. In particular, we implement FL for personnel selection of a company and the result shows that the proposed approach is feasible to deal with uncertainty issues in the decision-making of selecting a potential candidate.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1180-1185