Software Engineers’ Perceptions of the Testing Role

Luiz Fernando Capretz,Yadira Lizama,Pradeep Waychal,Daniel Varona

Software testing is one of the crucial supporting processes of software life cycle. Unfortunately for the software industry, the role is stigmatized, partly due to misperception and partly due to treatment of the role. The present study aims to analyse the situation to explore what restricts an individual from taking up a testing career in the software industry. To conduct this study, we surveyed 144 Cuban software practitioners from several software institutes located in a major Cuban university. The results of our study showed that the role of tester has become a social role, with more social connotations than technical implications. Furthermore, findings show that the present study supports previous work into the unpopularity of testing compared to other software engineering roles.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1157-1161