An Empirical Investigation on Adoption of ICT into Teaching based on Gender Differences

Seng Chee Lim,Seng Poh Lim,Chen Kang Lee,Sii Ngie Yiung,Pradeep Isawasan

Nowadays, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become the useful tools in various fields. It has also been incorporated into the Education as part of the practice in knowledge society. One of the strategies conducted by Malaysian government is upgraded the Education system by incorporating with ICT. However, certain problems will be appeared when the teachers or students are still not prepared with the implementation of ICT in Education. In addition, previous works also proved that some issues will be raised when ICT is incorporated into the classrooms. Besides that, previous workshows that teacher’s ability, teacher’s emotion, teacher’s self-esteem contain positive relationship with the teacher’s intention to incorporate ICT into their teaching. Yet, the research did not consider on the gender differences among the teachers while using ICT in their teaching. Therefore, this research will explore on whether the adoption of ICT into teaching in Malaysia will be affected by the gender of teachers. The objectives are to identify the difference genders teachers' attitudes, emotions and selfesteem in the presence of ICT in their teaching. Technology Acceptance Model and Theory Reason Actionareapplied in this research in order to test the hypotheses. Based on the results shown, only Hypothesis 1 is accepted for Male teachers while all three hypotheses are accepted for Female teachers.It proves that different genders teachers will contain different views while incorporating ICT tools into their teaching. The current research findings are only applicable on the schools in townbecause the ICT facilities in rural will be totally different.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1147-1156