Hypertension Management Ontology based on Thai Guidelines on the Treatment of Hypertension

Pornprasert Thipsawet,Nattapong Kaewboonma,Puriwat Lertkrai

This study aims to develop an ontology for hypertension management based on Thai guidelines on the treatment of hypertension by Thai Hypertension Society. The study and development methods were used in following steps. In the concerting stage, a qualitative research method was applied in the following steps: 1) Content analysis of the Thai Hypertension Guideline; 2) Organizing the knowledge on Thai Hypertension Guideline using the domain analytic approach; and 3) Clarification of the knowledge organization by the domain experts and modification. In the developing stage, Ontology development is composed of four steps: 1) Setting the Scope; 2) Enumerate Terms, Defining the Class and Class Hierarchy; 3) Creating Instances, and 4) Implementation and Evaluation of Ontologies. The research result provides the ontology for treatment of hypertension which comprised seven main classes. Each class is divided into sub-class in which the relationships of them are direct properties of class. The ontology can be used to give the advice for lifestyle modification and provide choice of drug therapy with the capacity of recommender system.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1136-1143