Deficit Weighted Round Robin Shaping Mechanism for Transport Control in Named Data Networking

Mohammed Alsamman,Suhaidi Hassan,Suki Arif

Named Data Network (NDN) is a named-centric network which uses name instead of Internet Protocol for addressing. That change the communication architecture of the current Internet to pull-based, inpath caching, hop-by-hop, and multi-path. However, a congestion control algorithm based on traditional indications like RTT, timeout and three ACK lose will not work correctly. This is because the content source and location may change due to network caching and hop-by-hop communication. In order to fully exploit the NDN architecture, a congestion control must utilize the available bandwidth with consideration to fairness, Interest packet aggregation and the varying of Data packet sizes. A unique congestion control mechanism is needed to overcome these congestion challenges in NDN environment. In this paper, we propose Shaped Deficit Weighted Round Robin (SDWRR) that build a two queue for each prefix and assist each queue with Active Queue Management (AQM) scheme to calculate the packet sojourn time. SDWRR take Data queue packet sojourn time of each prefix flow as a weight to control the Interest forwarding rate of the same flow. Also, preventing congestion that may occur when aggregate conversations fill up the transmission queue in the NDN router by marking a Data packet. We implement the mechanism in ndn SIM, and it shows that SDWRR’s reaches higher fairness and network utilization than existent work.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 1115-1125