The Role of Detachment in a Fulfilling Marriage: Anasaktias a Predictor of Marital Quality and Meaning in Life in Indian Couples

Garima Tuli,Priyanka Tiwari,Navin Kumar,Sakshi Mehrotra

There is plenty research in area of Marital Quality however there are key concepts as revealed in Indian scriptures on enhancing quality of marital relationships. As divorce rates on an increase it is important to understand the role of detachment in increasing Marital Quality and meaning in life. For this purpose the concept of Asakti and Anasakti(detachment) was explored on a sample of 150 Indian couples between age range 25-45 years. The sample was collected from Delhi NCR with couples who were married for 5 years and bearing atleast one child from the wedlock. Statistical analysis of correlation and regression revealed that Anasakti is averagely correlated to Marital Quality(r=.442**, p<0.01). Anasakti is low yet positively correlated to Meaning In Life(Presence)(r= -.325**, p<0.01). Marital Quality is low yet positively correlated to Meaning In Life (Presence) (r=-.364**, p<0.01). Anasakti predicts Marital quality and Meaning in Life (Presence) in Husbands’ and Wives’.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 226-235