Asymmetric Single Phase Impedance Source Cascaded Multilevel Inverter by using Variable Frequency Pulse width Modulation

Rajnish Kumar Sharma,G. Irusapparajan,D.Periyaazhagar

In this research, asymmetric single phase impedance source (Z-source) cascading Multilevel Inverter, Nine level inverter configuration with a unequal DC sources are presented. The optional configuration is extended by asymmetric single phase impedance source (Z-source) cascading multilevel inverter with unequal DC sources. These papers recommend variable frequency pulse with modulation scheme as a switching method. In this variable frequency PWM, stepped modulating system is used as variable frequency pulse width modulation. This topology concession decreased harmonics content present in the ac output voltage and better root mean square (RMS) value of the ac output voltages related with the stepped pulse width modulation. The simulation model of recommended configuration is carry out by using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 212-218