Relationship between the BSE SENSEX Index and the Indices BSE SENSEX 250 SmallCap and BSE SENSEX 250 LargeCap

Ganesh Kumar R, Ashlin Nimo J R

The share market index is an indicator of the performance of a company’s share and the performance of a company in general. Thus, the composite indices in the share market are an indicator of the performances of the individual companies and the overall performance of the economy as a whole. As far as the Bombay Stock Exchange is concerned, the BSE SENSEX index could be considered as the most important of the indices. There are several other indices of Bombay Stock Exchange, the oldest stock exchange of India, which measure the performance of different sectors in the economy, whether they could be based on industry sector or some special criteria like sustainability. This paper studies the relationship between the BSE SENSEX index and few other indices, i.e. BSE SENSEX 250 SmallCap and BSE SENSEX 250 LargeCap. The statistical tool SPSS 21 is used for the analyses and the statistical technique Linear Regression is used to test the relationships.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 172-176