Trends in Select Pharma Companies on Employee Engagement Practices

G. Mallika, Dr.P. Lakshmi Narayanamma and D. Sudhirbabu

The international healthcare industry has endured the key revolution over the last few decades owing to factors like scientific improvements and growing business models. It faces many hurdles as it is gradually more open to the elements to an unexpected rush in rivalry from small and medium biotech manufacturing companies, entrance of generics, increase in pricing demands, complex regulatory standards, complex exclusive rights and trademark problems, and rising environment and sustainability concerns. To argue against such challenges, it should make sure that their employees have the necessary talent, flexibility, and are approachable to the growing landscape. As a result, pharma companies have to work out on employee engagement strategies to shape the next-gen industry leaders who can conquer the challenges and must leverage the employee engagement tools to persuade the employees to perform better, retain them within the organization, thereby driving employee value proposition. This paper is an organized assessment of employee engagement initiatives at selected pharma companies. Top ten companies were listed from “The Daily Records Report” 2018. The investigator has examined to know whether the chosen 10 companies have accomplished with engagement practices towards their employees and thus how these practices are unique and exceptional in attracting their most important assets (employees). An attempt has been done to accumulate those practices/strategies.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 137-144