Microfinance & SHG as a Catalyst for Women’e Economic Empowerment: A Case Study of Anantpur District, Andhra Pradesh

N.B. Sikivahan and Prof. Dr.V.M. Ponniah

It is often said that development of a nation can be measured by how well the women in the country are empowered. The world as our nation have made lot of strides in the area of Microfinance in order to ensure that women have access to credit in order to uplift themselves and their families. Many studies have been conducted to prove that Micro Finance has resulted in greater economic empowerment to women. In addition to economic empowerment, women have been able to be more independent and gain respect in the society. In this study, 320 women have been interviewed from the Anantpur District to ascertain if microfinance has increased the economic empowerment of women. The interview was conducted through a focussed questionnaire. We have inferred that microfinance has ensured to benefit women through economic empowerment and thereby better respect in the society. By further increasing the penetration of microfinance and thereby providing easier access of credit, the benefits of microfinance can be realized better and can enable the microfinance model to be a golden chapter for India

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 114-118