3D Intraoral Scanner based on Piezo Laser Mechanism with Digital Image Processing

P.S. Nethravathi, G. Vidya Bai, K.E. Prakash and Gopalakrishna Bhat Kakunje

Based on structured illumination a three-dimensional (3D) dental scanning apparatus has been illustrated. For tuning focus, a liquid lens was used and for the shift of structured light, a piezomotor stage was used. To perform optical sectioning with structured illumination a simple algorithm, which detects intensity modulation, was used. We recreated a 3D point cloud, which represents the 3D coordinates of the digitized surface of a dental gypsum cast by piling up sectioned images. To demonstrate a 3D model of the dental cast we executed 3D registration of an individual 3D point cloud was created, which includes alignment and merging the 3D point clouds

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 109-113