Ultra Low Power Acive High Pass Gm-C Filter for Low Frequency Applications

P.S. Sushma, Dr.S.Y. Kulkarni and Sharil Nivitha Rodrigues

The analog circuits which consume very low power are on high demand in recent years. In this paper active high pass Gm-C filters are designed which operate at low voltage and also have cut-off frequencies around 500 Hz. A PMOS differential pair transconductor with series parallel technique to obtain low transconductance of 24.63 nS operating with 1.6 V supply is used in the design of first order and bi-quad filter. The power consumed by the first order filter is 57.66 nW and that of bi-quad filter is 385.42 nW. The filters are designed and simulated in Cadence virtuoso tool using gpdk 180 nm CMOS technology.

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 15-23