Skill for Employability among MBA Students. The Gap between Skill and Employability- A study Conducted among MBA Students and Employers

S.K. Manju Das and Dr.R. Velmurugan

This study explores the level of skills for employability among MBA students from the employers’ perspective compared to self-perceived skills for employability among MBA students. “Employability skills considered here are not job specific, but are skills which cut horizontally across all industries and vertically across all jobs from entry level to chief executive officer.” (Sherer and Eadie 1987). This study was conducted in the state of Kerala. The present research includes two studies, a personal survey among 100 employers on their assessment of the MBA graduates graduating every year and the self-perceived employability skills of 377 MBA students from selected colleges in the State of Kerala, India. This study is an attempt to explore how the employer and MBA graduates view the graduate employability skill from their perspective---that is the observed versus self-perceived. According to Leroy Almendarez (2013), an educated population is a productive population and the theory emphasizes “how education increases the productivity and efficiency of workers by increasing the level of cognitive stock of economically productive human capability.” Finally, the study reveals that both employer and MBA student perceive employability skills as mediocre both in quantum and belief, exposing the prevailing condition of employability skill among MBA students, which needs to be addressed and corrected to ensure the creation of better human capital

Volume 11 | Issue 7

Pages: 1-7