Santi Delliana,Alexander Mamby

The revolution of communication technology has reacheda peak while developing social media. The increase of social media users every day has become clear evidence about the revolution of communication technology. Not only for communication and interaction between humans, but social media has also become the politics new weapon in expanding their political ideology and campaigning. As if in the economic field, social media have become powerful tools that improve economic activity. The researcher wanted to seek about the phenomenon of social media in the context of political communication from the critical perspective view of Christian Fuchs that said in his book titled Social Media: A Critical Introduction, about the concept of digital labour that focused on understanding to form the value of social media that owned by companies. If it viewed from the innovation paradigm, the idea of digital labourmust be seen as a tremendous innovation, because the social media organizers are very incisive when seeking the opportunities and made that opportunities as innovations originally from the basic human needs and social media came up with all features that satisfy the human needs. However, if it viewed from the exploitation paradigm, it’s very easy to say that social media users exploiting it because business people use social media as a free tool for creating and develop their business potential. Social media have become a manifestation for convenience communication technology. Still, all in this world have a double effect. Social media can’t be denied that it still has a positive side and a negative side.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 623-630

DOI: 623-630