The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support, Self- Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence on Employee Performance with Interpersonal Communication as Intervening Variable

Siti Mujanah, Ika Wahyurini

This research analyzed the role and importance of Perceived Organizational Support (POS), Self Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence toward employee Performance throught interpersonal communication at Interior companies in Surabaya City Indonesia. Several studies concluded that POS, Self Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence are significant effect to employee and interpersonal communication. Primary data in this research were collected by survey technique using questionnaire instrument to 75 employees of , data analyzed by using Path Analysis with Partial Least Square Model. The results of this study showed that Perceived Organizational Support, Self Efficacy, Emotional Intelligence have significantly influence on Employee Performance either directly or through interpersonal communication as intervening variable.

Volume 11 | Issue 5

Pages: 612-622